Sala Factory for import & export was established in the beginning of 1983 so it had begin its activity in import & export , processing , freezing , encasing fish aquatic creatures in deferent types.

Sala Factory comply with the valid laws of the Arab Republic Of  Egypt including companies and investment code in addition to the regulation and procedures organizing industrlialising bottling and incasing fish.

Sala Factory since its establishing has achieved a good basic ground in the scope of fishing on the international level.

Where the factory appling the european healthy conditions.



The successful quality management program was built through the dedication & from top management down .

Today after many years of successful operation, market, and the commendable quality control that led to Certification for code No. of European union market (066 F.1.) and (HACCP System).

we are proud to say that the quality we have achieved today is the biggest rewards.


The Company has export fresh fish to united Europe country like Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Spain. And they had export more than 1000 times in two years. And never refuse any one or make notes for our products. 

The Company has export frozen fish from start with a several kind like Octopus, Sepia ...etc. To many country such as Italy, Malta, Greece.

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